The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible

Just finished reading The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible. This book tells the free-market odyssey of a young boy shipwrecked on a strange island. With each new encounter along his exploration, Jonathan asks questions about economic, philosophical and political matters.

The allegory of the naïve foreigner is used to stimulate thinking about our society, its assumptions and contradictions. The writing is clever and humorous; it is meant for children and adults alike.

Jonathan gets to “understand” why productivity is a threat to society; why some industries should have special protection; why people should be defended with rent control and doctor certification; why the Council of Lords provides compulsory cafeterias and schools; why citizens should pay taxes for zoos and libraries; why the Council knows better and should use the law to set un-ambiguous standards of morality; why money printing (by the Council) is good; how laws and policies are made; how politics work; why we follow the rule of the majority; and why individuals cannot handle freedom and responsibility.

This story naturally leads towards free-market principles. I recently posted about the author’s video outlining those principles.
The commentary edition of the book also contains analysis, spells out the parallel with real-world situations and provides further refences.

A ???ne is a tax for doing wrong. A tax is a ???ne for doing well.


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