The Cold War Fraud

For fifty years after the end of World War II, the United States based much of its Cold War strategy on the principle that the Soviet Union thought nothing of nuclear annihilation. In order to counter the communist hordes from the east, the United States spent itself into insolvency building up its defense forces, both conventional and nuclear. American leaders spared no expense – in terms of taxpayer treasure or military conscripts’ blood – to counter the postwar communist threat. With 58,000 American lives wasted in Vietnam, thousands of troops stationed in Europe, Japan, and Korea for decades, and billions spent on nuclear weapons to scare the Soviet Union into tempering its imperialistic advance, how well did American leaders assess and respond to the Soviet Union’s threat? Not well at all, according to a study declassified by the National Security Archives on September 11, 2009. The newly issued assessment highlights just how bad American intelligence functioned over that time period despite the immense resources dedicated to its efforts.


(…) American officials “[erred] on the side of overestimating Soviet aggressiveness” and underestimated “the extent to which the Soviet leadership was deterred from using nuclear weapons.” Furthermore, the study claims that the American authorities’ ineptitude in judging Soviet military intentions “had the potential [to] mislead … U.S. decision makers in the event of an extreme crisis.” Unsurprisingly, the study confirms the role of the military industrial complex in perpetuating the decades-long state of panic. The text shows how “the defense industrial complex, not the Soviet high command, played a key role in driving the quantitative arms buildup” and thereby “led U.S. analysts to … exaggerate the aggressive intentions of the Soviets.”


The BDM report unhinges one of the basic principles underlying the historiography of the Cold War – the idea that only “mutually assured destruction” prevented nuclear war between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. Contrary to what our government and all its vendors wanted us to believe during the Cold War, evidence has now surfaced that the Soviet leaders feared dying in a nuclear conflagration, just as much as Americans did.


The U.S. federal government today seems to exist purely for its own aggrandizement. (…) And for fifty years, our “intelligence” authorities pursued leads that now appear to have been more the products of their fertile imaginations than anything based on information gleaned in the course of their work. No crisis goes to waste in our current regime. 


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